Lakewood High School’s Snapchat Geofilter Live


Brandon Gue

Everyone is familiar with Snapchat. It’s been one of the top social apps on the iOS App Store as well as the Google Play Store, and for good reasoning. While Snapchat has boomed the last few years, a newer feature known as Geofilters were introduced, allowing a Snapchat user to set a filter for the location that they are at. You can see these Geofilters in most cities, high schools/colleges, shopping centers, and general places of interest.  While high schools are full of Snapchat users, it is surprising that Lakewood High School hasn’t had a Geofilter. Students from schools nearby can be seen on their Snapchat stories showing off their St. Eds, Rocky River High, Bay Village High, and other schools’ Geofilters. Many have been wondering: When is it Lakewood High School’s turn to get a filter?

On May 1st, 2016, Lakewood High School Student Brandon Gue set out to make a Lakewood High School Snapchat filter. It was submitted 6 times (as of 1/30/17) , however Snapchat’s team declined the requests for a Geofilter. This is because the filter can’t contain copy-written images or artwork . The Lakewood “L” is copyright protected and a student would have to get authorization from the original artist of the graphic to use it. This is a problem, as nobody quite knows who made the Lakewood Rangers “L” Logo.After a slight change in the shade of the purple, it was a new graphic and could be used. Snapchat accepted the filter on Friday and it went live around 2:30 p.m.