Trump Announces SCOTUS Pick

Trump Announces SCOTUS Pick

Abbey Stone

This past Tuesday night, President Donald Trump revealed to the American public his decision on who would replace the late conservative Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia –whose death last spring had left the Supreme Court unbalanced for several months.

Though thus far Trump’s particular preference that has guided appointees has been met with notable public and Democratic out cry (recall the disastrous hearing for Department of Education nomination, Betsy DeVos) his newest, Neil Gorsuch, has been received with relative civility by the Democratic Party and elation by Republicans.

As his policies and positions are concerned, Gorsuch, generally, has been regarded as being slightly moderate in light of his conservative affiliation. His likely approval by the Senate would essentially return the Supreme Court back to its former composition before Scalia’s death as the two’s philosophies are largely similar.

Gorsuch, before the nomination announcement, served as a judge on the 10th District Court of Appeals Circuit and before beginning his career learned law in prestigious institutions and universities, including Columbia, Oxford, and Harvard. This advanced degree education is not surprising, however, as up until now no Supreme Court composition has ever not contained an Ivy League-educated judge.

Despite reasonably lingering bad feelings by Democratic senators for Republican Mitch McConnell’s long efforts to block any voting on the Obama administration appointee to replace Scalia, Merrick Garland, it has been projected that Gorsuch’s senate vote should occur roughly around early in this coming spring.