Spirit Week and Pep Rally


Elizabeth Scott


Now twice a year, Student Council has arranged to have two Spirit Weeks and Pep Rallies every school year. This is a great time for students to have fun and show their school spirit!

The themes last week were:

Tuesday: 216 Day!

Wednesday: Wild West!

Thursday: Tie-Dye!

Friday: Class Colors!

  • Freshmen- Red
  • Sophomores- Blue
  • Juniors- Green
  • Seniors- Purple
  • Staff- Black

Many people said that the class colors should be different and that each class should be able to pick the color that they want but many others think that the colors are just fine the way they are. On Friday, our Pep Rally was held outside in the stadium to take advantage of the nice weather.

During our Pep Rally we had a couple different competitions that were very entertaining for the students in the stands and the contestants on the field. There were four contests, Pudding Eating, Musical Chairs, Tug of War and the Tricycle Race. Junior, Isaac Karel won at the pudding eating contest, Senior, Joey Lemmeier won at Musical Chairs and the Seniors also won the Tricycle Race and the Tug of War.

Overall, myself and many others think this was one of the most successful Pep Rallies Lakewood High School has had in awhile. Also, a big thank you to student council and Mr. Stelter for putting together a very successful Pep Rally!