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    The Piano

    This is a classical a piano.
    This is a classical a piano.

    Ever thought of playing the piano? Thinking it’s too complicated? Well, of course it is, but that doesn’t mean it is not worth a try.

    People should really take time to think about listening to piano music. It may not have words, or give off a message, but it certainly is powerful enough to create a liking for it. Musicians who sing and travel are just as important as the kinds of musicians that play an instrument. Instruments are the foundation of the music. After all, some could even say that a pianist or violinist work harder than those who sing.

    The piano is the most complex instrument. The classical grand piano holding every note that we hear. It has even been argued that those who play the piano have an easier chance of learning to play other instruments.

    Listening to music played from a piano has its benefits. Scientists have done studies where it shows that the piano can help isolate and implore the brain to focus easier.

    Starting off, you must learn each and every key, and understand the sound it makes. The keys in order range from the letter A to G. There are the black keys in between, but they can be interpreted differently based on the different pieces of music played. Next, the player needs to learn the different keys, both major and minor, and understand the different chords that are playable. Try and practice some one-handed songs, and then try and play more complex one-handed songs.

    The next step to playing piano is using both hands. This is known as the most difficult stage. Training is a key step and is really significant in order to use both hands. Training one hand at a time, and then putting them together should do the trick. There are many ways to master this along with different exercises to help the player practice.

    It only gets easier from there! Now only consistent practice should do it, and hopefully the player can start interpreting and playing musical pieces that satisfy to their liking.

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