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    Get Out Movie Review


    Everyone has been raving over the new horror movie Get Out. Was it really horror though? The movie released February 24, 2017. It made 30.5 million dollars its opening weekend. The movie was written and directed by Jordan Peele with a budget of only 4.5 million dollars. The movie has broken social media since the day it has released. It as gotten great reviews from movie critics of all kind. The movie was released in the genre of horror but it definitely wasn’t a super scary film. It was great in other ways. It really gives you a look into how a lot of African-Americans feel in modern-day America. It makes racism appear scary and terrible, as it is. This movie does not sugar coat anything in that aspects. It’s very raw and real. From the moment the movie began you could kind of get the whole feel. Don’t get me wrong, the movie has some parts that will make you jump or squirm a little bit. After watching the movie, you can go onto social media to point out important scenes you probably didn’t observe. This is for sure a movie you’d have to see a couple of times to catch all the hints and subliminal messages. But it’s worth it. I plan on going to see it again because it is just that good. Some people, however, were not huge fans of the movie. Some white people feel the movie shows a very negative light on white people. My opinion on that is just other perceive things different. This is definitely a movie you have to go see yourself and get you own opinion but I’m sure most people who see it, will love it!

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