Spring Break in Lakewood


Halina Dreger

The Lakewood City School District is scheduled to have its spring break from April 14th to the 24th. For many students and teachers, this means escaping the unpredictable Cleveland weather and heading to Florida, California, or other areas of the country where they can get a head start on summer fashion and tan lines. For the rest of us, it means another day of lounging around the house, scrolling through Instagram and eating chocolate… or does it? There are so many great things to do in Lakewood, it might be worth it to throw on some shoes and get some exercise for a few days here and there, even if that exercise is heading to a local restaurant to grab some food.

We can’t count on beautiful weather at the end of April, and there’s no way we can assume it will be cloudy and wet, either. However, the one thing that we can be sure of is that ice cream is good whether it’s one or 101 degrees outside. Luckily, Lakewood has an array of ice cream places that are sure to cure anyone’s craving. For a unique experience, try Ice Cream Joy, right down the street from Lakewood High. Joy has wacky flavors like squash, raspberry lemonade, and vegan strawberry shortcake, which vary daily. Plus, Fear’s Confections is right next door, filled with racks of quirky chocolates and baked goods. A few streets down on Detroit is the Sweet Spot, a gelato shop across from the Beck Center. Their flavors include coffee cookie, Early Grey tea, vanilla caramel brownie, and an array of vegan sorbet flavors.

One aspect of living in Lakewood that is often overlooked is its close proximity to the Metroparks. There are an endless amount of trails filled with wildflowers and budding trees in the spring, complete with soccer fields and a marina. In the valley, there are golf courses and picnic areas, as well as streams to wade and fish in. When the weather is nice, the Cleveland Metroparks are the perfect place to relax and enjoy nature over spring break.

While not in Lakewood,  The Cleveland Flea comes monthly and business does well in the spring and summer season. Vendors set up and bring their handmade or vintage goods, which visitors can browse as they eat food from various food trucks and tents and drink smoothies or milkshakes. If you’re looking for a new and exciting shopping experience in which you can support local businesses, the Cleveland Flea might be the perfect spring break option for you.

There are many fun and exciting things to do in Lakewood, so no need to spend spring break in the house. From ice cream or shopping to going for a run in the Metroparks, being out of school gives students the perfect chance to set down their cell phones and discover their town.