Muslim outfit in mobile game

Muslim outfit in mobile game

Lauren Jones

This mobile game that I play called High School Story, where you can make your own high school and have SO MANY different variations of characters, has an outfit currently right now called April Coming where it has the female student of your choice wear a blue long-sleeve shirt, black pants, pink shoes, and a pink HIJAB.

That’s right, a mobile game that is open to accepting everyone creating a high school their way from letting players have students date same-sex students to promoting anti-bullying has an outfit for people to have female students appear Muslim if the players choose to. When I saw this outfit a few weeks ago in the game since I play it, I was like “Wow, this is so cool.”

But I asked some female Muslim students and asked them if they think that outfit is accurate to a traditional female Muslim outfit and they said that the outfit was a great idea to be put in a game.

Sometimes, Muslims are inaccurately depicted in video games but I really feel like that this depiction of a Muslim woman is spot on and that more game developers should do something similar to this but more truthfully to what a traditional Muslim woman would dress like.

I applaud the developer Pixelberry Studios for doing such an amazing idea like this since the game that they have created is so open to things like this and being equal for everyone.

What do you guys think, should more game studios do something like this?