15th Annual Lakewood High School Boat Regatta

15th Annual Lakewood High School Boat Regatta

Anna Kotansky

On March 7th the 15th annual boat regatta took place at the Lakewood High School Pool. Physic students had 5 weeks to construct a boat made out of only untreated cardboard and packing tape. The goal was to make it across the pool. The teams were made of 4 students, 2 of which were in the boat. Student’s used their prior knowledge of Archimedes Principle to calculate the right size and percentage submerge the boat could be.

The boat regatta took place after school on March 7th, 3:15-4:30, however some teams signed up to make an extra boat for the Kickin’ It with Kenny, which took place that morning. That morning, Kenny came to Lakewood High School and filmed the boat regatta. He interviewed each group, asked them their theme, and how they constructed their boat. The boat regatta’s sponsors, Tavens, even built Kenny and their staff a boat to compete.

At 3:15 the real regatta took place. The pool area was field with students, teachers, and parents watching their peers try to cross the pool. For students, this was the moment they had been waiting for 5 weeks. The first round was filled with crashes, splashes and more has most boats broke and sank. A few boats made it across, gaining the group full credit for the project. One by one boats would sink until the top 4 boats made it in the final. The winners of this years boat regatta were Roger Thomas, William Rodriguez, Hu Sin, and Ali Musleh.

Overall, it was a very successful regatta. Congrats to all the participates for finishing the project.