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    Lakewood’s Got Talent

    Lakewoods Got Talent

    Whether you can sing your heart out, tell your funniest jokes, pull a rabbit out of a hat or even break it down on the dance floor, all sorts of talents will be shown this weekend March 24th and the 25th in the Lakewood High Civic!

    Every year the senior class get together to audition the talented students, write scripts to MC and especially make this two night show a hit! It’s a huge fundraiser for the senior class and their funding for prom, so make sure you stop by one of the two nights..maybe even both! to check out the super talented students of LHS show what they’ve been waiting to show all year.

    Unsure if you want to come see the acts because you’ve never attended a Talent Show before? well here’s a quick Q & A from the Senior Class Cabinet, our very own secretary, Elizabeth Pearlman who might make you change your plans this weekend to come see the show!

    “What do you look forward to every year when going to see the Talent Show?”

    All the awesome acts and to see how talented the students at Lakewood High are. I know they’re all super talented and hard workers and that they’d totally appreciate everyone coming out to see them and what they’ve been working on for weeks now!

    “What special act are you looking forward to this year?”

    Everyone’s talents are incredible, but I did overhear that a special group of guys are making an appearance so I’m pretty pumped for that!

    “Where are you spending the $5 in your wallet this weekend to help the support the senior class?”

    The Talent show of course!!!



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