Aaron Lorkowski’s Hair

Aaron Lorkowskis Hair

Elan Dimacchia

Today we are with Aaron Lorkowski, a LHS senior. He plays baseball for the school, and his position is outfield. Aaron has been growing his hair out for a few school years now. It is blonde and wavy. He said that his trick is to shampoo and conditioner with coconut in it.

Apparently it makes his hair very luscious. Aaron is also very tall. He is around 6 foot 2 inches, I presume. Maybe because of the coconut oil as well? Or maybe he just has good genes. Anyways, Aaron used to have short hair freshman year. It was more of a “Bieber” hairstyle, because that was in at the time.

Aaron came from a family of good hair and height, obviously because his is so nice and well maintained, and because he is so tall. Aaron has a girlfriend who goes to Magnificat. She likes his hair as well. And if they had babies they would have beautiful long-haired children.

Even though Aaron has nice hair, it doesn’t cover the fact that he isn’t the brightest man. Aaron is almost not passing Algebra, which is one of the easiest classes in the school. But that is ok, I don’t think it’s because he is stupid, I just don’t think that he tries. He has a big case of senioritis, like the rest of us.

Thanks Aaron.