You Scream, I Scream

You Scream, I Scream

Emma Bressler

As the weather gets warmer ice cream cravings get higher. Have you ever noticed that on that rare warm winter day there is a mile long line at each ice cream spot. Warm days are fast approaching, and Lakewood is a great place to spend them. The ice cream rush will follow, and there is an abundance in our small town.

Starting on the east side, Lakewood is home to The Gorilla. This is a small ice cream shop at 12102 Madison Avenue, right by West 117th. This place offers great ice cream, but also has food like pulled pork and hot dogs. This is a great small spot to take the family for lunch and ice cream outside in the summer.

Following The Gorilla, Lakewood also has Malley’s Ice Cream Parlor. This is located at 14822 Madison Avenue by Warren rd. Malley’s is a nice place to stop in and sit in air conditioning while eating great ice cream. On your way out you can walk around the shop and buy their chocolates. 

Down on the corner of Detroit and Wagar, we have a UDF (United Dairy Farmers) chain. Here you can get excellent malts and milkshakes, buy by the scoop, or buy by the pint. A UDF milkshake is a great way to cool off in the summer. You can also eat while having a seat in their dining area.

Just a little ways west of UDF you can stop in at Dairy Queen where you can either fo through the drive thru, or you can stop inside and grab a DQ Blizzard and either take a seat inside, or outside on their patio.

Following Dairy Queen, you can have some cold gelato at the Sweet Spot. This is located at 17806 Detroit Avenue. This is a nice place to either sit down in the air conditioning, or you can play a nice game of billiards as you show down on gelato. 

When those ice cream flavors come, and the sun is shining down remember that Lakewood is a great place to have a quick ice cream break.