NCAA Final Four is in!


Seth Andregg

Gonzaga, North Carolina, Oregon, and South Carolina are locked in on the Final Four. Two of the most highly anticipated games of the year are nearly upon us. Let’s dive deep into both of these matchups. Here are some key questions that will determine who will play for the national championship on Monday night.

When Florida scored against the Gamecocks, it was usually either in transition or the result of a decisive Chris Chiozza drive. Swing the ball around the perimeter without purpose, and you’re doomed against these guys. Even if Gonzaga doesn’t attempt a shot via the fast break, simply getting down the floor quickly will make it tougher for South Carolina to get set.

The Gamecocks forced the Gators into bad looks with the shot clock winding down countless times. Usually, a Florida guard would panic, attempt a half-hearted drive and either turn it over or take a contested 2.

If Gonzaga finds itself in that scenario, maybe its guards should just pull the long 3. Williams-Goss, Jordan Mathews and Josh Perkins are good shooters. That’s not a realistic shot, but it beats a drive to the basket when there’s no space to score.

Gonzaga has shown it can win many different ways. If the Bulldogs are going to reach their first national championship game ever, they’ll have to do it in ugly fashion against South Carolina and show up.

Personally I think it will be North Carolina vs. Gonzaga and the Tar Heels will come up o top.

Prediction North Carolina 73 –  Gonzaga 69