2017 season for the Cleveland Indians

2017 season for the Cleveland Indians

Joseph Lemmeier

Last year the Cleveland Indians fell to the Chicago cubs, in a hard-fought out World Series. This year brings a new hope to Cleveland. After losing what was supposed to be their’s, should wake them up for this 2017 season. It sure did after winning against the Texas Rangers on April 3.

This set a good tone for them, considering their quest for the title. The Indians are very dangerous this year. With their new edition, Edwin Encarnacion, and Michael Brantley back in the starting lineup, it’s safe to say that their the best team in the league. They just have to step it up a little more than last year. Seeing them win their first game, shows that they can come back from any deficit.

This season they are stacked with a variety of power hitters and play makers. The first five hitters are: Jose Ramirez, Michael Brantley, Francisco Lindor, Edwin Encarnacion, and Carlos Santana. One thing that hurt them last year is their defense. The Indians gave up too many runs to the Cubs last year in the World Series. Blowing a 3-1 lead in baseball is unbelievable.

That is behind them now, all that matters is this year. The city if Cleveland never had hope, until now. The Indians have become a winning team, their one of the most exciting teams in MLB. The projections of this years world series, has Cleveland winning. They were the only team to have a unanimous vote.

The Indians home opener is on Tuesday, April 11, at 4:10pm against the White Socks. With more fans than ever before, the Indians play with great confidence. The one word to describe this years goal for the Cleveland Indians is, REDEMPTION.