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    Is the World too PC?


    A lot of people believe the world has become too politically correct. Others claim that language is constantly changing, and as some words or phrases become outdated. Political correctness is when a person avoids using words, phrases, or any type of speech that marginalize, or insult people.  This is a very touchy topic, that grows and erupts in the depths of YouTube video comments, tweets on Twitter, and other social medias.

    Trigger warnings fill the internet. Right-winged people bash on left-winged people, and left-winged people bash on right-winged people, causing this war of who is right and who is wrong. The truth is, fighting online in the first place won’t get anything done. As you skim over something that offends you or is different from your personal beliefs, typing away about your own personal feelings in all caps to really prove your point won’t make anyone have sympathy for you. As you wait anxiously to see what this random person online has to say only to find out that they respond with “you’re,” correcting a typo you had in your comment, this just goes to show how much they really don’t care about your opinion, and you don’t care about theirs. This whole subject is in shambles, due to the fact a majority of people will take sides.

    Either you are a leftist or a rightist. Left being liberal, and right being conservative. Once you take a side on this subject it leads to other vulnerable areas for petty arguments. That’s just RETARDED.

    Now that you are cringing, this brings us to the next topic. There are some words we use that are offensive. It comes to a point wear people get too offended by basic terms such as disabled, Indians, black, etc. Some people take it too far. such as, using a term like gay as an adjective for anything negative. Saying that “a mass shooting is gay,” is irrational.

    Saying “that man looks gay, because of that flamboyant shirt,” shouldn’t be that offensive, rather we should be able to make fun of our self and acknowledge stereotypes. I’m not saying this is the case for everything. We should just be aware of what we are saying, and to whom we are saying it to. We shouldn’t have to censor speech, because we all cringe when we hear a word. Being politically correct is different from micro aggression.

    The world isn’t becoming too politically correct; we are just trying too hard to not offend anyone.

    By doing so we lose expression of language, and good humor.

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