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    Smart Guns
    Armatix Smart Gun. A gun paired with a watch and can only fire when held within 10 inches of the wristwatch. Courtesy of

    The subject of gun control has been a hot topic in the country for years. Many argue for tighter control where others want free-range rights under the 2nd Amendment to “bear arms.” The entire uproar has left the country wondering if there is a middle ground found not within the laws but the equipment under the looking glass. In a world where one can text fro their watch and open their phones with their fingerprints, there have been change in the century old equipment to use such technology to replace the safety that takes a simple click to undo and create live weapon.


    That’s right. There is officially now a “smart gun.”


    There are several companies using various means of making it so only a few people may utilize the weapon. Those are Armatix, a German company creating a system where the individual handling the gun has a watch that communicates with the gun via radio waves. If the watch is no within 10 inches of the gun, the weapon will not discharge. One may find it as an idea worth trying to implement, keeping the gun from falling into the wrong hands like a child of the owner or an attack who managed to nab the gun off the carrier.


    But why do we not find the weapons popping up in stores around the country?


    Well is all due to the National Rifle Association and a law passed in New Jersey. The Childproof Handgun Bill would make it so that once a smart gun hit the market; vendors could only sell the personalized weapons. With that would obviously cut the available weapons. With that many sellers of the weapons have shied away due to harassments by the NRA and its supporters. Several storeowners, such as Andy Raymond of Engage Armament, promised to sell the gun once they hit the market, but were threatened until they backed down.


    The weapons that could ultimately cut down gun deaths are stuck and possibly dead on arrival.

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