Co-MVP in the NBA?

Co-MVP in the NBA?

Ryan O'Toole

The National Basketball Association has had the tradition of one MVP per season. This “MVP” is the player that contributes the most to his team. This year there are two clear-cut candidates for the MVP but fans are going wild over who should get the award. This debate is between Oklahoma City’s Point Guard Russell Westbrook and the Huston Rockets’ Shooting Guard James Harden. These two have both made cases for each other on why they should be MVP and each side is compelling but here are the facts.

Russell Westbrook is having a historic season. He is averaging unheard of numbers, 31 points, 10.4 assists, and 10.7 rebounds. The massive amount of points and large number of assists are impressive as it is but it needs to be realized that Westbrook measures in at 6-foot 3-inches and weighs 200 pounds and he is grabbing 10 rebounds a game. That is a better average than some all-star 7-footers. He recently tied Oscar Robinson for the most triple-doubles in a season with forty-one and will likely pass him and set the record with 42. The Thunder have secured a spot in the play-offs and are poised to play the Spurs.

The Huston Rockets’ Shooting Guard, James Harden is also having a season for the record books; he is averaging   29 points per game, 11 assists per game, and 8 rebounds per game. He has had the second most triple doubles this season, following of course, Westbrook. His team has secure a higher play-off spot than the Thunder and the numbers are close enough that he is argued to be the true MVP. However another factor has come into the debate. The Thunder are in somewhat of a rebuilding process after losing their superstar Kevin Durant last off-season in free agency. The Rockets, on the other hand have a well-built team with Harden orchestrating the team.

Only time will be able to tell who the true MVP of the NBA is.