Big Rugby Game On Friday to 2-0 Record.


Jordan Brenot

The Lakewood Girl’s Rugby Team has a 2-0 winning record this year. They are currently second in the state right behind St. Joseph’s and right in front of Hudson.

The girls started off their 2017 season with a 54-15 win against Parma. They were scheduled to have a game against Highland, Mentor, and shaker, but due to weather and the teams not having enough players, the other teams dropped out.

The second game of the season was against Medina. The Lakewood ruggers held them off and got a win of 55-5.

Juniors Saher Hamdan and Layana Perry scored most of the tries for Lakewood. Freshman Ariel Bennett scored her first try of her life and felt amazing about it. Freshman Belle Bray kicked for conversions and made most of them putting us up by 2 every time.

It’s the second half. Medina is giving the Lakewood girls a run for their money with their high tackles, punches, and screaming. Medina loses possession of the ball and Lakewood gains it. Junior and Captain Jordan Brenot thinks fast and quick taps the ball to send it off to the back line. The backs run a quick play which sends Freshman Regina (Gina) Ginley down the field to gain yardage. The ruck is formed and Jordan then passes the ball to Ariel who runs and makes a try. Medina’s game was over with from the beginning.

On Friday April 14th, The Lakewood Girls will head out to Hudson to test their game plan and strength. Although Hudson is third in the state and Lakewood is second, It will be a tough game for both teams. It will also be a test of mindset and who wants it more.

The game will take place at Lavelli Field behind Evamere Elementary School. Kickoff is at 6:30pm. Let’s go Lakewood!