Refs cause Cavs to lose?

Refs cause Cavs to lose?

Garlock, Dakotah

Monday April 10, 2017— Yesterday I saw one of the worst officiated NBA games against the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Atlanta Hawks. This was a crucial game for the Cavs  because they would have been 1.5 games up on the Boston Celtics which would have potentially secured them the first seed.

The Cavs were up big heading into the 4th quarter,  now the Cavs have seemed to always struggle in the 4th as of late.  Late in the 4th with about  10 or so seconds to go the Cavs had the ball ready to seal the game with some free throws from Kyrie, but that didn’t plan out so good the Hawks would end up trapping Kyrie forcing a jump ball.

The thing about it is the refs are supposed to be top-notch down the stretch but not in this game they were not during the forcing of the  jump ball two of the Hawks players had feet out-of-bounds and Lebron was trying to call a timeout but was being ignored.

Also in overtime the refs called probably the worst call in history when one of the Hawks players went to go for the ball in the air and the refs called an over the back foul on Lebron and that caused him to foul out which also made the Cavs lose all the momentum.

The Cavs have just been funny this year going on losing streaks they should not be going on we as fans of the Cavs hope that they come out like they have the past two years a destroy everyone in their way.