Lizzie Shuga

Lizzie Shuga

Hanna Chodzin

This week’s spotlight is on junior Lizzie Shuga.

Lizzie has been a part of Rangerettes and dance group since her freshman year and loves being a part of these great activities. Last year she became the Rangerette junior captain alongside two senior captains, and this year she landed the prestigious senior captain position with another senior and junior. She loves dancing and is already a great leader and role model for LHS, along with being captain in the fall she was awarded director for next years dance group show in the winter.

But this isn’t all Lizzie Shuga is capable of, during school she is an excelling AP student juggling her various activities and friend relationships. During her free time, she volunteers occasionally with H2O, reads books, and choreographs for Rangerettes and dance group (something she has to constantly do in the winter and fall). Her spring season is mostly free to focus more on school with upcoming AP exams, but it won’t be long until Lizzie is going to band camp and working all summer long.

I asked Lizzie where she is thinking of school post senior year, and even though she is only a junior she definitely has an impressive application so she has already begun to weigh her options. She says her top three so far are University of Cincinnati, University of Pittsburgh, and Delaware State University. She is undecided about her major, but we agreed she still has tons of time to figure that out. I cannot wait to see what Lizzie has in store for her future, Lakewood High School is so lucky to have her for another year!