Chris Golden

The MVP race this year in the NBA is beyond crazy, the two top prospects Russell Westbrook and James Harden have both had unbelievable seasons and its coming down neck and neck as the season is about to end. LeBron James and Kewhi Leonard are also up there for MVP but James Harden and Russell Westbrook have been playing out of this world.

Russell Westbrook has broken the record for most triple-doubles in a season passing hall of famer Oscar Robinson with 42 of them. That record hasn’t been broken in over a decade. Russell Westbrook is also breaking other records like most points with a triple double, a triple double without missing a shot going perfect from the field, a triple double with more than 50 points, the list goes on and on.

James Harden is also having an unbelievable season having over 30 triple doubles, and having a career high in assist. James Harden thinks he should get the award because he thinks it’s about winning and having a better record, in some cases he is correct it is about winning and getting to the NBA Finals but this is a MVP award, a Most Valuable Player award and its about what single player is doing the best and Russell Westbrook hands down should be getting this award anytime soon.

People have also made the argument that LeBron James should get it because he is technically “most valuable” because you can take him and put him on any team and they would make it to the playoffs and more than likely the NBA Finals. Russell Westbrook hands down should get this award he has broken way to many records, records people thought that would never be broken ever but he did it and he deserves the MVP award.