The Start for the Cleveland Indians


'Emma Ribar'

On April 3, 2017 the Indians played the season home opener against the Rangers from Texas. During that series the Indians swept the Rangers. They started off the season with a 3-0 record. During one of the games against the Rangers Francisco Lindor hit his first grand slam of his career and won the game for Cleveland.

They played another series on the road against the Diamond Backs in Arizona. It was the opposite outcome for the Indians though. Instead of sweeping them, we got swept. That’s okay though playing 162 games in a season you’re going to lose some. After that series the Indians had a day off, so they could travel back home for their home opener on April 11th. They played the Chicago White Sox.

The home opener was scheduled for four o’clock. Before the game they had their award ceremony for becoming the American League Central Division Champions. They announced everyone and raised the flag. After announcing all the non-starters, who were standing on the third base line, they announced the starters. The starters were sitting in the dug-out, waiting for their names to be called. After all of that they threw out the first pitch and the game began.

It was along game to watch, the Indians and the White Sox were tied for most of the game. The game even went into extra innings. The indians had two chances where the bases were loaded and Edwin Encarnacion was up to bat. Both times he grounded out into a double play and ended the inning. In the bottom of the 10th inning Lindor got on base to start off a good thing for the Indians. Michael Brantley comes up to bat and hits a hard ground ball up the third base line and scores Lindor home to win the game!!