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    Gun Control, Good or Bad?


    In the U.S. constitution the second amendment states every citizens right to bear arms. In the state of Ohio you do not need any type of license to buy a firearm. However, you would if you wish to conceal a handgun, this license is called a CCL (carry conceal license). Most people are shocked at how lenient Ohio’s gun laws really are. Yes, people are allowed to walk around with their big scary rifles in downtown Cleveland! Yes, you can shoot someone for trust passing in your home, and yes, at 18 years old you can go to the store and buy a gun. This doesn’t even have to be a gun store, literally just go to Wal-Mart.

    You might be thinking “this could never be allowed,” or that it’s totally irrational. In the greatest country in the world its easy to forget the things that COULD happen. Certainly its unlikely, however, it is possible for government systems to become a tyranny. You never see people casually walking around with their AR-15, because no one NEEDS to. If you are thinking this should be illegal you are wrong. Just because there is no need for it doesn’t mean there never will be. There already has been civil wars in the country. The second amendment not only allows you to have a gun, it gives you power over your government. Once we allow the government to put restrictions on this we start to lose our freedoms.

    In the U.S. you cannot buy a gun without a background check anywhere. Not everyone should be allowed to own a gun. I believe, there should be a type of background check to see if you are mentally stable or not to own a weapon.  If you take guns away completely then you just have the majority of good people unprotected from criminals who illegally buy them. Making something illegal doesn’t mean it will stop people from getting it.

    The best solution to this problem is to better educate people on guns. All over the news and other media you see people ignorantly talking about guns.  This just confuses and scares the masses. We need to stop ignoring things, just because we can’t handle the conversation.

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