The Cavs get the Second Seed

The Cavs get the Second Seed

David Facaros

The playoff match ups are set and the Cleveland Cavaliers got the second seed in the playoffs behind the Boston Celtics. They play the Pacers in the first round but none of this matters to  Lebron or the Cavs. This year Lebron has skated through the season sitting out multiple games. He does this because all he cares about is winning a championship. Some argue that the Golden State Warriors ran out of gas when they were up in the finals 3-1.

Lebron is statistically having one of his best seasons in his career based on points and rebounds and people are saying the Cavs won’t make it out of the first round regardless of who we play. This season has been plagued with injuries and they haven’t really had time to mold as a team on the court because of this.

It will be interesting to see if the Cavs actually flip the switch and blow out these teams in the East or these teams could actually make the series some what close. Last year Kevin Love wasn’t as big of a factor as people hoped he would be. He sat out a lot of the NBA finals because he couldn’t guard Draymond Green so we would play Lebron at the power forward position.

Based on how the match ups worked out the Cavs if they make it through the first two rounds would only have to play only one of the teams they didn’t want to play. These two teams are the Celtics and Wizards but these two teams would play each other in the second round so one of them will fall. Overall whether it’s the one or two seed it doesn’t matter to Lebron and the Cavs they just want to get back to the finals and win.