Ella Germaine

Ella Germaine

Lizzie Shuga

This week’s Lakewood High School member honoree for Person of the Week is Ella Germaine. Ella is a junior at LHS this year and participates in many different activities which make her qualified to be honored this week for all of her involvements, perfectly balancing academics, sports, and numerous other responsibilities.

Ella is very invested in her schoolwork and overall education, flying high with a 3.9 cumulative GPA. She is currently enrolled in two AP courses, AP Computer Science Principles and AP Language and Composition. Ella is planning for her future, thinking of applying to top colleges: Fordam, Loyola Marymount University, and Boston University, for example. Ella is very focused on academics, but still makes time for her other commitments.

Rowing is a big part of Ella’s life. She has been on her team, Cleveland Youth Rowing Association, for years five whole years and is already being offered to join college groups to continue her sport. Ella was recently selected to compete in a race this past Saturday. The team got third in their varsity heat, coming extremely close to advancing to finals. She is also involved in music, playing trumpet in wind ensemble at LHS. Ella also plans to re-join symphonic mixed choir next year. This young woman is insanely committed to her sport and her music, flawlessly involving herself in a seemingly overwhelming amount of activities.

Ella Germaine is an exemplar of the best students Lakewood High School has to offer, well deserving of the position of Lakewood’s Person of the Week.