Matthew McConaughey Filming in Lakewood

Matthew McConaughey Filming in Lakewood

Tru Smith

The popular actor, Matthew McConaughey, will be filming his next movie in Lakewood Ohio. He has played in many movies and shows you have probably seen, such as: Dallas Buyers Club, Interstellar, True Detective, Wedding Planner, even Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and more. The cast and crew will be staying in trailers at Madison Park but will drive to the movie site in the mornings. Filming will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, at the old Lakewood Hospital. Even though, the actual movie takes place in Detroit, many scenes are being filmed around Cleveland (but most importantly, in Lakewood).

Bryce Sylvester, Lakewood’s economic planner, said that 120 crew members and several actors will be downtown for the shoot. “This certainly adds to our profile”, said Sylvester in an online statement. “It’s encouraging to us that we have a environment that film scouts find attractive. In Lakewood, we continue to build off of our success. This film is just another example of that”.

Kevin Foster, the assistant location manager for the film, said that the reason they chose Lakewood as the location for the movie is because, “active hospitals are extremely difficult to come by”. Luckily, Lakewood just happens to have an empty hospital on-hand.

Though, the official tittle for the new movie has not yet been released, the internet movie database(IMDB) has the tittle of the project as “White Boy Ricky”. We don’t yet know if that will be the name of the finished movie.