New Cafeteria is Open for Business!


Elizabeth Scott


Finally, after waiting for what seems like ever the construction on the new cafeteria has been somewhat finished and students are now using the new and very modern lunch room. The new gymnasium is said to have an indoor track, this building will not open until November due to the track. While the students at Lakewood High did not have an official cafeteria, classrooms and lecture hall one became the temporary kitchen and lunch rooms.

The Juniors and Seniors ate in Lecture Hall one, which was supposed to be a similar purpose from Lakewood High’s old L room (which is dearly missed) and the Freshmen and Sophomores ate in the front two classrooms on the first floor. Many students were hoping that the Upperclassmen and Lower classmen are still separated during lunch periods.

Now that we have a bigger lunch room, rumor has it that they are thinking about switching the amount of lunch periods from four to three. Supposedly, the east side of the school which will include music areas, the kitchen and the cafeteria are supposed to be completed in August.

All the students at the high school are very excited to get all of the construction out-of-the-way and finally have a completed school. Just because the new wing has opened up does not mean that there won’t be anymore modifications done on school grounds. Such as the landscape and the parking lot across the street. The parking lot across the street also raises questions such as; Will they repair it? Are they going to expand the lot for parking next year?

We will just have to find out!