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    Should (non)finals be optional?


    Why do we have to show up to a final when we have already taken the test or presented our project during the school day? What’s the point of showing up if we completed everything?

    The Senior’s last day of school is a few days before the Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior’s last day. Many of the teachers give the final early especially if their class is mostly made up of Senior’s. What are the Freshman, Sophomore and Junior’s supposed to do for an hour and thirty minutes?

    Many teachers tell us that even though we have completed the final during class that we must show up during the scheduled final. Why is this? A common answer we all have heard is that we’re supposed to be in school during the scheduled times because if something happens to us then it is on the school’s hands because they’re responsible for you at that time. Is this really true?

    Many students feel like they are obligated to go and are afraid to not show up during these scheduled testing times because the teachers will “give them zero points for the final if you do not show up”.

    The majority of the student body including myself think that we should not have to show up to the scheduled final if we have already completed the project/ test.

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