Murder Suicide at College in Texas


Victim Janeera Nickol Gonzalez

Tru Smith


Student Joseph Le told CNN he was on campus when he heard three shots and a male´s, ¨voice yell, eave her be!¨ Le said the shots sounded like they were close-by, probably on campus.

Other witnesses heard the shooter yell, ¨you know who I am, and you know why I am here¨, before firing.

Haseeb Ahmed, another student, was in class when he heard the shots. Ahmed and his classmates barricaded the door to their classroom immediately.

¨We gathered the hardest materials in our possession to throw if something happens,¨ he said

When all the students and staff heard of the shooter, they all began to barricade the doors and lock themselves in rooms. This is quite the commotion, especially with North Lake having 11,000 students at the time of the shooting.

Lucia Gonzalez, the mother of the victim, Janeera Gonzalez, told of the story of how the shooter knew her daughter.

¨He had been stalking her for quite a while, but she didn´t make anything of it,¨ she said

Lucia Gonzalez said her daughter hadn’t dated Torres and that the two weren’t friends. She said that Torres had left North Lake to attend school elsewhere, but had returned to the school in the past few weeks.  She also said that her daughter, who was studying kinesiology, was about to graduate in a few weeks.

¨She was the best daughter any mother could have. the best girl, the best everything,¨”her mother said

¨Were not gonna see her again. she was a harmless girl,¨ said her father, Juan Gonzalez. “She was very sweet.”

Janeera´s brother sent out a tweet later that night, saying ¨You took our angel today, my sister my best friend, she never did anything to anyone or hurt nobody we love you mija rip Janeera Gonzalez¨.

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help Gonzalez’s family with funeral expenses. A vigil will be held in her memory.