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    Lakewood middle school student brought airsoft guns to school


    In Lakewood Ohio, police arrested a 14-year-old student accused of bringing two air-soft guns to school. An 8th grader at Harding Middle School was charged with inducing panic.

    The police were called to the school around eight in the morning on Wednesday at the school on Madison Avenue and Woodward Avenue. The student was turned over to their parents after being arrested.

    According to the director of security for the Lakewood School District told the police he was told a student showed two classmates a gun which was supposedly in the waistband of the students pants on Tuesday.

    When the Director of Security searched the student on Wednesday morning , he saw what he thought were toy guns. In the student’s sweatshirt pocket, a small plastic container with red balls was found, leading them to conclude they were air-soft guns.

    The student tried to tell police that he didn’t know the air-soft guns were in his backpack. He claimed someone must have put them in there without him knowing. His case will be reviewed by The Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court.

    The students arrest happened the same week it was announced that comes the same week that Police were considering taking legal action against the companies that manufacture replica guns.

    This has been an issue recently with kids playing with toy guns, that look extremely similar to real guns. Three years ago Cleveland police officers shot and killed a twelve-year-old who was playing with a replica pistol gun.

    It is important to stop kids from playing with toy guns, so no further incidents will happen.


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