Time For a Change

Time For a Change

Victoria Donegan

Tired of your same boring hair? Want to something new? From as small as a minor trim, to a full on hair make-over, Tease Hair and Body Parlor is the place for you.

Tease offers a variety of different services such as

  • Hair cuts for both men woman and children
  • Hair coloring
  • highlighting
  • Beard trims
  •  Blowouts
  • Up-do and other special occasion hair styles
  • Eyebrow waxing
  • Lip waxing
  • Manicure and pedicures for both men and woman

Those are just a few of the many services Tease has to offer. I know from personal experience, that Tease is a very reliable and welcoming place. As soon as you walk in the Boho chic style and decorations are the first thing that catches your eye.

As the stylist use old mirrors and dressers from consignment shops for their stations it can’t help to bring a homey feel that warms your heart. No matter what service I need, Tease is always my place to go.

I even plan on going in over the summer to do something a little wild to my hair. The new style is to have bright colorful hair, I plan on following the trend and have bright pink, purple, and blue hair.

Not to mention prom season just passed. To prepare for it I went to Tease to get my eyebrows waxed, hair cut and colored, then on prom day I spent the morning getting my hair done for the special day.

Lets just say my hair looked amazing and Tease never disappoints.