Cavs Sweep Again!

Cavs Sweep Again!

Garlock, Dakotah

Monday May 8, 2017—– The Cleveland Cavaliers once again have made it look to easy sweeping the Toronto Raptors. They game that sealed the deal was a 109-102 score. We saw Lebron dominate as per usual and we saw Kyle Korver finally come alive in this series.

The Cavs are currently 8-0 in the playoffs and they proved why in these series that regular season does not matter people thought that they were going to struggle in these games going into the playoffs but they proved everyone wrong.

The Cavs dominated the Raptors even making Kyle Lowry Opt out of his contract because he doesn’t want to face the Cavs anymore. Even saw Demar Derozan make a silly comment about how if they had Lebron on their team then they would have won, and of course they would have won Lebron instantly  makes any team a great team.

Lebron in this game would end up having thirty-five points, six assists, and nine rebounds. Kyle Korver also made a huge impact in this game with eighteen points of the bench going four-six on the three-point line. Also having a big game Kyrie Irving with twenty-eight and nine assists.

Right now it’s the waiting game for the Cavs they get close to a week off to get more rest and even come out better against the Wizards or the Celtics. Personally I don’t care who we play because I don’t think anybody can stop us right now we  have flipped the switch that we so desperately needed to do and now they feel like nobody is going to slow them down.