Interest in Lost Media and where to find them

Lauren Jones

Hello everyone. You probably didn’t know this about me since no one ever bothers to talk to me at all but I have an interest in lost media.

There’s just something about certain pieces of media like episodes of T.V. shows, video games, movies, music, and etc. that’s just SO fascinating to learn about.

One YouTuber that I watch called: blameitonjorge, he does some videos on lost media and they’re just so good to watch. I’ll link every video I mention in here at the bottom so you can check them out.

The first video that I watched of him was: Top 40 Lost or Banned Episodes of Kids Shows in which shows he talked about ranged from Sesame Street to Batman: The Animated Series.

Another video of him: Top 40 Lost or Canceled Video Games in which is where he talks about videos games that were being developed/or already developed but got canceled or are lost. Games he talked about were Mean Girls DS, the canceled South Park Game Boy Color video game, and the Avengers game that was in development by THQ but was canceled.

One last video by him that I will talk about is: 11 Pieces of Unreleased and Lost Music in which he talks about songs or albums that were made but never released or songs that are just lost. The 2 entries from that list which I would say is the most popular are the lost album: Cigarettes & Valentines by Green Day and Once Upon A Time in Shaolin by The Wu-Tang Clan.

Since then around the time those videos were uploaded, discoveries were made which resulted in some of the media he has talked about in his videos being found.

His most recent video was where he talked about 9 Episodes of Kids Shows that talked about Serious Issues like when Hey Arnold touched on Parental Favoritism & School Bullying, Doug and Lizzie McGuire touched on Eating Disorders, That’s So Raven touched on Racism, Captain Planet and the Planeteers touched on HIV/AIDS, and Arthur and Peanuts touched on Cancer.

A website where he gets most of his info for lost media is Lost Media Wiki which is updated quite often so you guys can go check out that site if you’re interested at

Video #1 (Top 40 Lost or Banned Episodes of Kids Shows):

Video #2 (Top 40 Lost or Canceled Video Games):

Video #3 (11 Pieces of Unreleased and Lost Music):

Video #4 (9 Episodes of Kids Shows that Dealt with Serious Issues):