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    Opinion: how to make a rollercoaster?


    Should I make a roller coaster? Will physics be the death of me? Will I fail my 4th quarter of physics? Possibly.

    Lauren Jones says to play Roller Coaster Tycoon, because then I will know how to build my roller coaster for physics.

    Hailley Ohmer says “Don’t wait until 11 at night to start building it.”. Their theme was candy land and she said that the candy didn’t even make it onto the coaster. Also she said it doesn’t even work.

    Tyler Fox: “Physics teachers are on games.”

    I personally have not started my roller coaster project. But my groups due date is May 23, so we still have a couple more weeks.

    The roller coaster project is a requirement for all students in physics. You have to build a 12 meter roller coaster that is made out of toilet paper tubes or anything of that sort except PVC pipes for the track. For the base you can use any material that you want. So my group is planning on using legos.

    On May 19 all of the physics classes will be going to Cedar Point for physics day. We have to complete a packet involving physics and rollercoasters by the end of the day. The purpose of going to Cedar Point is to compare real roller coaster to the roller coasters that we are supposed to make.

    On May 23 there’s a roller coaster open house. Where all of the roller coasters made will be on display and be able to run. People coming for the open house will be able to vote on which roller coaster they like the best.

    Good luck to all of the physics students!


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