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    Are Strict Diets Really Necessary?

    Diet Spelled Out Using Kiwi, Pepper, Carrot, and Cucumber

    Vegetarian, Vegan, Pescetarian, Paleo, Locavore, Non-GMO, Sonoma, and so many more.

    I would bet that in your life you have been introduced to a plethora of different and confusing diets, each of which entail leaving behind a majority of your most prized joys in life, such as pizza, candy, soda, chocolate, and any other food your mouth would normally water at the sight of.

    But are all of these diets really good for you? Some obviously are, but once you get into dieting it is easy to go way too far, and way too fast.

    Among the most popular of the diets are vegetarian and vegan. Vegetarian is the simple cutting of meat out of your diet and sometimes other animal based foods as well.

    Vegan goes a little further because not only can you not eat meat or other animal based food, you cannot use any type of animal product, ranging from clothing to makeup to medicine.

    These diets are typically endured for a religious reason but have gained a tremendous amount of popularity in recent years among many different types of people.

    Being a vegan or a vegetarian has time and time again helped people lose weight and make it easier for them to get into shape, so if weight loss is your goal then either of these are safe diets for you to try.

    Diets such as the Beverly hills diet or the tongue patch diet tend to be much more dangerous when deciding on which diet to test.

    The Beverly hills diet consists of a week of eating only fruits, followed by a slow six-week transition into incorporating foods in a specific order of health.

    The tongue patch diet is even more dangerous,in which you are to attach a patch onto the surface of your tongue, making it painful to eat. Diets like this one are widely frowned upon by health professionals around the world.

    If you are going to diet then make sure you do your research to ensure that you are partaking in a safe meal plan, but as long as you stay active on a daily basis and eat in moderation and eat overall well, then most of the time there is no need for a fancy diet anyways.



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