School Start Time

School Start Time

'Emma Ribar'

School starts way too early. I am not only saying this because I am a student. Having kids come in at eight doesn’t mean they wake up at 8. Kids have to wake up earlier to get ready and to make sure they are on time. If a kid has to walk and he lives kind of far from the school, he has to wake up even earlier to get their on time.

Also students have a lot to do at night that keeps them awake. Especially if they are involved in extracurricular activities. A student could have a practice or club meeting, then have about three hours of homework. Adults always say, “go to bed earlier.” How can students go to bed earlier if they have school activities and homework?

Getting more sleep would actually help kids perform better in the classroom. Their minds would be more ready to function instead of being sleepy. No wonder instead of writing down notes and paying attention in class, kids are putting down their heads and sleeping. They are catching up on the sleep they didn’t get last night.

Students should be getting at least 8 hours of sleep. Depending on what time the child is able to go to bed, they may not receive the amount of sleep they need. Studies even say that school starts to late, especially for adolescents. They need time for their brains to wake up and be ready to learn. Schools should start no earlier then eight thirty in the morning.