Would Getting Out of School Earlier Be Better?

Would Getting Out of School Earlier Be Better?

Sara Crawford

As the end of the school year quickly approaches, there is a mixed feeling of getting out of school earlier or perhaps later, than everyone else. Looking back to last school year, we got out of school before Memorial Day and just had to come back a little bit earlier this school year. The question is — which last day is the better option?

Seeing as the end of the year is only a few weeks away, I am sure if you asked any student you crossed in the hallway that they would rather get out earlier then later. Although this in theory seems to be the better option — think about it.

Living in Ohio, our weather is always constantly changing. It could be the middle of April and there’s three feet of snow on the ground or it could be January and it’s 70 degrees out and sunny. Getting out earlier would mean that there is always a greater chance of having disgusting weather for the first few weeks of your summer vacation.

With getting out of school earlier, this also means that we will have to go back to school earlier. Getting out the last few weeks of the school year automatically means that we have to go back to school halfway through August — the hottest weeks of August. These weeks are the best for going to the beach, going on a last-minute vacation to somewhere else, and perhaps cramming in last-minute book reports. If we go back during this time, it makes the summer seem so much shorter than it already is and then has us come back to the hot school in the middle of the hottest time.

Even though this early ending to our school year seems to be the greatest idea the school board has thought of, there is so much to it that would just make this change worse.