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    ‘Grey Death’


    A new drug on the market is puzzling authorities with many deaths from overdoses in the South. This is new drug is called ‘Grey Death’. This drug is made from a mix of opioids, which act on opioid receptors to produce morphine-like effects. But this opioid is even more dangerous, it can be lethal even in small amounts.

    This drug first popped up in Atlanta, Georgia, with the police seizing 50 batches of the deadly ‘Grey Death’. Local officers also confirmed its appearance in other states near Georgia like Alabama, and Pennsylvania. The most confusing thing about this drug is that every batch that the police seize, the ingredients change making the drug a complete mystery. They even don’t know why the drug is gray, even a forensic chemist with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s crime lab doesn’t know why.”To this date, I have no idea what makes it gray,” said Deneen Kilcrease, “Nothing in and of itself should be that color.”

    They have found small concentrations of a variety of opioids, like Heroin, and fentanyl. Already this drugs are very dangerous by themselves, but the danger is increased even more when they are all put together. Although there has been only four reported deaths specifically from this drug, since it is constantly changed, there could have been many more that the police don’t know about.”You can throw anything in a baggie and call it ‘grey death,'” Donna Lula said. “It’s going to constantly vary, and it’s going to keep the chemists and the medical examiners on their toes.”

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