OU Oh Yeah? Party School or Not?

OU Oh Yeah? Party School or Not?

Emma Bressler

When you think of Ohio University, what do you think of? Most of you will think of partying. Ohio University is known to be a huge party school. But is it Really?

Ohio University as a school is not a party school, campus police and RAs do their best to keep the partying on campus under control. But let’s be real–any school is a party school. Right when you walk off campus you hit the city of Athens. Athens is a party town, which is why it may seem like OU is the main party source. But when you think about it, all of the famous fests down at OU are held by the city of Athens.

If you attend Ohio University, you have a choice. You have the choice of making OU a party school, or going down their to get a great education. Ohio University’s academics are often overlooked when choosing a college. Parents don’t approve of their children going to a “party school.” Instead of judging the University on its academics and opportunities, most people judge OU on its parties.

Ohio University has great programs around the world, and has great financial aid for all students. Down at OU you will get a personalized experience, and you will have help to succeed. But this is your choice. You either go down to OU to party, or to get a great education. Hopefully you will choose to experience Athens life, while succeeding in your studies.