Salvation Army Under Fire Over Twitter Feed From Shelter Resident


Photo Courtesy of Heather Snow’s Twitter. Original Post in thread

Sam Stone

“As a homeless person staying at a salvation army shelter…please don’t donate to the salvation army.”


Homeless woman, Heather Snow struck a chord in the hearts of thousands this week. As a transgender woman, unable to hold down work due to mental illness and a painful back injury, she found herself often in a Portland Oregon Salvation Army.


In the thread she opened up, Heather depicted cruelty from those running the shelter experienced by herself and others. One instance is Heather briefly telling how a RN verbally abused a friend of Snow’s for asking her to be quiet as she spoke over the phone to her orthopedic surgeon.

She also continued on later in the thread, to tell how the bathrooms were not taken care of, the walls covered in mold and slime. There in the thread she posted pictures of the issue along with an image showing that the RNs put a lock on the fridge within the women’s shelter.



The issue has sparked outcry and several times in the thread the Salvation Army has replied. A recent tweet also shows an indication that the RN abusive towards Snow’s friend had been fired.
Many have come forward with their own stories as those formerly in the shelters, admitting also they had experienced abuse by the doing of the RN. SA has come forward and promised investigation into the mistreatment of those staying within their shelters and various centers.