Tori Donegan

Tori Donegan

Courtney Moran

This week I interviewed not only my best friend but one of the nicest girls in school! Tori Donegan! She took time out of her busy, busy schedule to talk to me about some of her experiences at Lakewood High.

“What is your favorite class at Lakewood high school”

“I would have to say practical communications because Mr.Cooper is a very fun teacher and has great way of teaching materials. Not to mention the really great people I met in the class itself.”

What is your favorite thing about Lakewood High?”

“My favorite thing about Lakewood High would probably meeting all new people. I used to go to LCA for elementary school and both Harding and Garfield in middle school. So I got pretty used to meeting new people but high school was a little different because all of my friends combined from all the schools.”

“What advice would you give the underclassmen?”

“There is a lot of things I would like to say to them but probably one of my biggest regrets would be not participating in all of the spirit weeks and such. I loved dressing up and doing fun things as a school and I wish I took part in it my freshman, and sophomore years. I will definitely take full advantage next year.”