Person of the week: Renad Almutairi

Person of the week: Renad Almutairi

Valentina Teles

Q: What was your best high school experience so far?

A: I think the best part of my high school so far, was taking the art classes. Is the part of the day were I can just put on my headphones and let my imagination take me. It’s good to know you are doing something you love and you are improving your skills at the same time. So far I’ve taken Art 1 and  2.

Q: Any advice for incoming freshmen that want to focus on the art classes the way you did? 

A: Stay on time with your projects, so that way if you don’t like something about it or you want to fix something, you can give it your full potential. You’ll have time to fix it, talk to your teachers and ask if there is any way you can improve your drawing or project you are working on.

Q: Except art, is there anything else you would like to do in your high school career?

A: I would love to be a dentist one day and have my own dental office. That is why I am taking Medical Office Management, so I can learn the skills to take care of my own business.

Q: What do you except for your next two years?

A: I want to improve my grades and my art skills, and make the most out of high school before I go to college. It’s time to prove myself to people and even to me that I can do this.