Celtic Elite Rugby – Summer 15’s Season


Jordan Brenot

Juniors Saher Hamdan and Jordan Brenot and Sophomores Shyla Curley and Abby Kessler tried out for the Celtic Elite Rugby Team a few weekends ago.

The Celtic team consists of two sides, One Varsity A side and one Junior Varsity B side. Varsity is made up of juniors and seniors and Junior Varsity is made up of freshmen and sophomores.

Girls from all across the state of Ohio travel to these tryouts as they play at the highest level of rugby you can get at the high school age.

Lakewood High will have four of our rugby players on the same field as part of an elite team that will travel to Elkhart, Indiana twice during the month of June. The Celtic girls rugby team will play on June tenth and June 24-25th.

Celtics also has a boy’s side. The boys will play June tenth, June 17-18th, and June 24-25th.

A decent amount of girls showed up for the Celtic tryouts. About 12 girls were cut and the rest would make up the two sides along with subs too.

The coaching staff will be a combination of the Saint Joes coaches and the Lakewood coaches. All in all, this summer experience will be a great one for our Lakewood girls to take back to their team.

Sophomores Shyla Curley and Abby Kessler are some of Lakewood’s top underclassmen players. Junior Saher Hamdan is a top upperclassmen player and Junior Jordan Brenot is Lakewood’s captain.

Good luck with your summer season Ladies!