Megan McHugh

Megan McHugh

Megan McHugh

Hannah Heben

It’s getting to be graduation time which means the juniors will soon be the new leaders of the school. The torch will be passed from the class of 2017 to the class of 2018. In honor of this transition I decided to interview someone from the junior class, Megan McHugh.

What was the best class you took your junior year?

“AP Language and Composition. Ms. G is an amazing teacher and makes us work hard and wants to see improvement and with that you see major changes in your writing that for sure will help you in life.”

Besides academics, what was the best part of your junior year? What are you looking forward to doing most for next year?

“Being able to go to football games this year in the student section was the best part as well as the respect upperclassmen seem to gain. I’m most looking forward to choosing a college to go to next year aside from all the stress the actual process of applying might bring. ”

What class are you most excited to take your senior year?

“Ms. Alten is the most relatable person I have ever met and made advanced biology a breeze the first time and made it interesting. With going into science after high school taking an AP science course seemed like a good idea and since I liked biology so much I thought it was a good deal.”