Billboard Music Awards 2017


Emma Yonkers

How did you just recently spend your Sunday night?

Maybe you spent it doing some last-minute homework you forgot to do, or maybe you caught some extra hours of sleep that you’d been missing out on. Or, perhaps, you spent it tuning in to the 2017 Billboard Music Awards.

This past Sunday night, the 2017 Billboard Music Awards aired live from Las Vegas, Nevada. This highly popular music event featured a wide range of talented artists and performers that really did “wow” the crowd. Just in case you did decide to catch up on some work and sleep this Sunday night, here are some of this year’s BBMA highlights.

Pop singer Miley Cyrus truly showed her “new transformation” at this year’s BBMA’s. With her new single “Malibu” just recently released, she officially proved to the world that she has moved on to a new and improved phase as an artist. This country-influenced song brought some heavy emotions to the stage, with many audience members in tears of joy.

Lorde similarly got the crowd moving this year with her performance of “Green Light.” Switching it up from the typical production, Lorde’s performance really got the crowd involved with a chance to sing along. Not only was this performance nearly “karaoke” style, but Lorde’s stage pieces were very different and eye-catching.

Finally, one of the best performances of the night can without a doubt be handed to Celine Dion and her portrayal of the classic song “My Heart Will Go On.” Not only was this song beautifully performed, but it brought an overwhelming sense of nostalgia to the 1997 Titanic film fans. Audience members were transported back to the popular era of Jack and Rose, and were reminded of why the movie received raving responses back in the day.