Things To Do in Lakewood


Downtown Lakewood at Night

Christina Kamkutis

Lakewood is a special place due to its endless collection of activities, restaurants and hang out spots. But sometimes it can be hard to break it down and figure out exactly what you want to do.

You could try to google search cool places in Lakewood or ask Siri what you should do, but in all reality you still will not receive a full list of all that Lakewood has to offer.

You would be better off asking someone who lived in Lakewood or the surrounding area where their favorite places to go are and what they like to do here.

If you were to ask me I would tell you to check out Barrio first before you go anywhere else and to order a million tacos–and DO NOT forget to get the queso!

Next I would probably tell you to head over to Campbell’s and pick out a few desserts that you and your friends can all split and fall in love with.

If you feel as though those places were good but you still need more, then I would have to recommend Dewey’s Pizza…the Edgar Allen Poe to be exact.

And after all of that if you still need to go somewhere else and have even more fun I would point you to one of Lakewood’s super cool bars or hang outs like 16 Bit Arcade: a bar but its walls are lined with video games.

These are not the only must-see places in Lakewood but they are a few of my favorites and extra unique spots that every Lakewood visitor and resident should experience at least once.