Person of the Week: Hannah Huddleson

Person of the Week: Hannah Huddleson

Lauren Jones

For the final week of school, this person of the week this time is Hannah Huddleson. The school is full of many students who range from race, gender, age, religion, and personality. Hannah is one of those many students. Hannah is a sophomore with big plans for the rest of her time in high school and her future like getting into the Career Tech program in the Health part of the program. She has many friends that she hangs out with and is nice to everyone she meets.

Here’s a little Q and A that I did with her in the interview I did with her.

Q: Has high school changed you as a person?

A: Yes

Q: What has been your favorite thing to do so far at Lakewood High?

A: Track

Q: What advice would you give to the underclassmen?

A: Do all of your work

As the school year comes to an end once more, we’ll be able to start a new one this fall with new and old faces from this school year. Hannah is one of those faces that we’ll be seeing this new upcoming school year in the fall where she will entering her Junior year.

Many faces make up the population of Lakewood High whether they are students, teachers, and custodial members. Like before, Hannah is just one of the faces that make up the population of students at the high school. She has her way of bringing her uniqueness to us all.