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    Is it Time for Tiger Woods to Step away


    Tuesday May 30,—— Tiger Woods had yet another setback it what was once a stellar career. He was arrested on Monday on charge of being under the influence of alcohol. Police spotted him weaving erratically on the road.

    The police had smelled alcohol and immediately  was arrested and sent into custody. He was in custody for 8 hours before he was nabbed around 3 a.m.

    Woods looked terrible in his mug shot looked sullen was unshaven and was wearing a white shirt, Woods would make a statement and wanted to tell the public that no alcohol was involved in the incident but rather a reaction he had with his prescribed medication for his back problems.

    Woods had back problems for a while now and that’s what was keeping him from golfing he then stated that he would come back better than ever and be better than he was before.

    He has had way to many mess ups and I thinks its time for him to step out of the spotlight, his career had taken a nose dive after his first incident when he crashed his SUV and lost tons of endorsements because of it and lost his wife after he had an affair with an adult entertainer.

    Woods hasn’t won a PGA since 2013 or a major since 2008. So is it time for Woods to step away or can he get his life fixed and be the golfer that he once was or are there more mess ups coming soon. Personally I hope not this guy has messed his life up way to much and he needs just step away.



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