Jing Feng

Jing Feng

Lizzie Shuga

Jing Feng, a junior, is representing Lakewood High School as Person of the Week. Jing is an exemplary scholar, creative mind, and excels in athletic ability. She is highly representative of the best our school has to offer.

Jing is immensely focused on her academia, closing out her junior year with a shocking 4.245 GPA. This places her at an impressive 16 out of 396 students regarding class rank. She is involved in multiple advanced placement and honors courses. Jing is planning to pursue a college career at either University of Cincinnati or The Ohio State University.

Constantly indulging herself in the creative arts, Jing enjoys painting, drawing, journalism, and many other forms of art media. She was even granted honorary mention for her writing in The Hiram Emerging Writers Nonfiction Contest, due to her submission of a beautifully written essay. She is also known to capture beautiful senior photos for the students of Lakewood High School and the surrounding area.

Not only is Jing an academic and creative powerhouse, she also surpasses all expectations within the athletic field. She has been running in cross-country and track for the past three years and is planning to continue this into her senior year. She served as cross-country captain her junior year, running some of the best times on the team.

Jing Feng is an outstanding student, artist, athlete, and an upstanding member of Lakewood High School. She has flourished throughout the past three years and will continue to grow and build her repertoire into her senior year.