Seta Nagbe

Seta Nagbe

Maya Costanzo

This week’s person of the week is Seta Nagbe! Seta is a junior this year and  is very active at Lakewood High School. She participates in soccer, diving, track and field, H2O and Lakewood Project.

Seta plays the cello for Lakewood Project and has been in it since freshmen year. Lakewood Project is a very selective rock orchestra. It is one of the best orchestras Lakewood offers. Lakewood Project just recently got off tour as they travelled around Ohio putting on shows. Seta is also apart of two more orchestras, including Chamber Orchestra, the highest one.

Seta not only enjoys music but she also loves to play sports. Seta has played soccer since she was little and was very influenced by her family–as her brother is a professional soccer player. Seta has lettered twice, as she tore her ACL sophomore year, putting her out for the past two years. But after a long recovery, Seta is ready to get back on the field her senior year.

Seta also started swimming and diving. Her freshmen year she dove for the team but this year she decided to swim, and she obtained a letter in both.

Seta is also very good a running as she earned a letter in track her freshmen year–but was unable to run sophomore year and some of junior year because of her injury.

Along with her especially busy life, Seta takes all Advanced Placement and advanced classes and is ranked highly in her class.

Next time you see Seta in the hallway make sure to say hi!