LRC is open!

LRC is open!

Albert Wilhelmy

The LRC is now open!

It has found it’s permanent home, on the second floor, in the brand new E building. Right above the lunchroom, featuring an all-glass wall, is the library. There are many new books that have arrived for the avid readers, and updated computers in the media center. For those who do not have chromebooks, the library will have the most updated computers, and many of them.

It will also be a place that you may escape lunch, and go work quietly without the worry of being bothered.

Mr. Gray Cooper says this about the library’s opening: “It will be a great place for me, as well as my students to find a quiet place to read, and work.”

You too may find it to be the perfect place to relax.  It is certainly an improvement from a loud study hall for most.

Study hall teacher, Mrs. Keller, said,  “Well, I don’t use the library much, but I know many students do, which would calm down the chaos in study halls, but I am also just excited for new beginnings. It is always fun to see new things coming into use for our students.”

Tristan Rumsey added, “I always loved the library because you can shut the world, and get your work done. The glass being soundproof also is helpful when you’re trying to get work done.”

So please come and visit, but be careful not to abuse the privileges of a quiet space. If you are too loud, the librarians have the right to ask you to leave, and if you are unable to obey the rules in place, they have the right to ban you from the library.

But we hope it will never come to that with anybody, so come and enjoy this amazing new space!